For our second project, you will be required to photograph no less than 100 images (I HIGHLY recommend shooting much more than 100) and then later animating them into a still frame, or stop animation, video. Make one photo connect to the next, to the next, to the next... Do this by advancing your story line in very small movements and increments so the animation reads well once it's put together.

Use this page to post good examples of still frame videos. To embed a video link on this page, click the "edit" tab above, then click the cursor in the text box where you'd like the video to appear (please leave these instructions at the top of the page!). Click the widget box at the top of that menu and then click "video" when the widget menu opens. It'll give you options for types of videos (ex. youtube); select whatever is most appropriate for the site on which you found your video. Follow the instructions provided. INCLUDE YOUR NAME AFTER POSTING YOUR VIDEO so we know who posted it. You can add comments on why you liked the video too. Click "save" when everything is done.

(Post videos below this line.)

By Blu (search out more of their videos on youtube!), uploaded by Julie

posted by Hector

"Her Morning Elegance" music video by Oren Lavie, posted by: Julie

'DEADLINE post-it stop motion' posted by: Bryanne Harris

"Western Spaghetti" by PES, posted by: Julie

'T-SHIRT WAR!! (stop-motion music video)' posted by Bryanne Harris

Stop Motion- posted by Samantha Castro

oh no oh my: Walk in the Park, posted:Sarah Rice

By Samantha Castro
Posted By Lonnie Knox

Guitar: Impossible (stop motion music short by MysteryGuitarMan)

Stuffed Animal Playing Music: Alex Landry.

Pancakes for your face: Danielle Menard

Sleepyhead: Danielle Menard

Uh Huh Her Stop Motion: Posted by Samantha Castro

Erbert & Gerbert's : Human Flipbook: posted by Samantha Castro

Game Over by PES: Posted by Samantha Castro

Green With Envy: Posted by Samantha Castro

Coinstar by PES: Posted by Samantha Castro

Transformers Stop Motion, G1 Voice Over (Hardwood Vally)
Posted By Lonnie Knox

Lego Video games: Alex Landry.

Broken Fingaz, Graffiti Stop Motion: Roberto Hernandez (Im doing something similiar to this.)